Just as other Spirit Workers read shells, runes, or bones, I have been working with a set of keys that are assigned meaning within a reading. When we call on the spirits to give answers and guidance, they keys are cast and interpreted to see where your spirit is going. Tarot cards are followed after for solutions or suggested remedies.

Readings are best in person, but phone or skype can be accessed if you're not able to meet in person. All readings can take about an hour to go through. Notes will be given to each client to remember the session and if any suggestions were made. 

***Current Reading Schedule***

Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm PST

Sat 12pm-7pm PST

Sundays 12pm-5pm

In person or over the phone. Set an appointment 

30 Minute Reading
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Spiritual Cleansings

Sometimes we need some extra help realigning ourselves with our path after  getting stuck with energy that doesn't belong to us. A cleasning involves using items such as blessed water, buring sage, and candles to remove and cleasnse your aura and energy field to get what ever is stuck on you, off of you.  Other prayers and chants are used to commune with spirits and your spirit to remove anything or call down energy to clease and crown you.  Cleasing comes with a small reading to see whats going on with you. 

All cleansings have to be done in person. 

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Skeleton Key Talisman

Keys not only unlock physical doors, but they can also unlcok spiritual and energetic doors as well. Usually after a reading, if a client is needing a change in their life, I bless a key and wire wrap stones to help Unlock the Magic they're needing. Message me what you're needing to unlock to get your custome made Skeleton Key Talisman. 

When ordering, please message me the details of the neeed of the key. 


Skeleton Key Talisman
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Mojo Bags

A mojo bag essentially is a prayer in a bag. Roots, bones, herbs, stones, seals, and oils can be added to help influence change in a persons situation. Mojos are carried on a person or placed in the home for their spacific intention. 

Current Mojos available

  • Attraction Mojo
  • Road Opening Mojo
  • Crossroads Mojo
  • Crown of Successs Mojo
  • Protection Mojo
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Personal Candle Services

Candle services are best when you need change in a situation and energy running to you by me. Candles are loaded with oils, herbs, and prayer, then lit for about 7 days straight while praying and working energy for you from sunrise to sunset. 

A key is tied around the candle to be attached to the energy burning for 7 days, then later mailed to you as receipt.

The current candle services available are:

  • General Blessing Candle
  • Road Opener Candle
  • Crossroads Candle
  • Prosperity Candle
  • Protection Candle
  • Attraction Candle
  • **More to come**

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