About me

For more than a decade, I have been giving readings and other spiritual services to my community and  in other places. From tarot reading to crafting products, facilitating rituals to energy healing, I'm here to help people unlock the magic they're needing to get in alightment with where their spirit wants to go most.

I call myself a Spirit Worker more these days because I'm finding I'm helping people get closer to their own spirit and Spirit itself. We all have a level of psychic ability and as I do practice  forms of other magic, I am still a student and learning more about myself, my craft, and the relationship I develope with the world around me. 

My inspiration and  are influenced my by teachers and through the journey I've taken years ago with them. Currently, I am a student of the Anderson Feri Tridition with Tommie Starchild of My Authentic Self,  an Apprentice of the Faery Seership with Orion Foxwood of the House of Brigh, and a trained Intuitive Psychic Reader with the Berkely Psychic Institute. I have also presented at Pantheacon, a national Pagan convention on Key Magic.  I'm currently in the process of writting a book on my work with keys and the magic to unlock with them. 

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